Should You Move?

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The next question in a remodeling job is should you move out? Based on the length of the project, you need to understand how disruptive the remodeling process will be. Most homeowners don't realize how intrusive renovation is. So…should you move out during renovation? If it's a large project, it is easier on your contractor when you move out, but it's not easier for you and it may be a lot more expensive. You need to understand what is going to happen and how you are going to feel. Then you will be better able to make the correct decision.


Here are ten questions that you can answer when the possibility of moving out comes up:

1. How long will the project last?

2. What rooms in the house are affected?

3. Can I survive without that space for ___ weeks?

4. Can activities usually performed in those areas be done elsewhere? For example, the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or family room?

5. Can a temporary work or play area be created elsewhere?

6. Is anyone in your family sensitive or allergic to dust?

7. If you have children, does the work impact where they eat or sleep?

8. Can you afford to rent a house or apartment for ___ weeks?

9. Can you stay with friends or family for ___ weeks?

10. Can you tolerate the daily disruption remodeling brings?

These questions are to stimulate your thinking because there is no single or simple answer. In custom remodeling every situation is unique. You must consider your unique situation to determine what is best, both financially and emotionally, during your renovation process.



We want to thank everyone at Cartwright for getting our things from Virginia to Tokyo, Japan. You all have been an absolute joy to work with over a period of several months. You actually returned phone calls, initiated steps along the way that needed to be taken. You are wonderful to work with and we are doing positive advertising for you every chance we get.

Connie and Jason K.

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