“Serving Those Who Serve”™ with Exceptional International Moving for the Military

Cartwright International is honored to move U.S. military personnel’s household goods to wherever they’re stationed around the world. Moving military families quickly and making it a stress-free experience is one of our proudest traditions. We take “Serving Those Who Serve”™ as our mission, not just an advertising slogan.

It’s Cartwright International’s job to help you and your family get settled at your new location

Our international moving services for armed forces members involve far more than shipping household goods from one city to the next. Our goals are the same as yours – help your family feel settled.

Moving military household goods internationally requires more thought and experience than other types of moves, so not every moving company is qualified like Cartwright International. Our military moving expertise helps avoids damage to your items and customs delays. From the way we pack your items based on your destination country’s customs laws and shipping industry regulations to our convenient door-to-door service, we handle the details so you can focus on more important things.

Cartwright International is an approved military moving company

Not only has Cartwright International moved the military household goods around the world since 1934, but we also:

  • Maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • Are one of the oldest and most reliable international household good movers in the U.S.
  • Have been evaluated for and passed the U.S. government’s stringent and rigorous international moving requirements
  • Partner with an extensive network of overseas agents and affiliates with proven track records for exceptional service
  • Provide comprehensive moving resources and helpful guides to ensure you’re better prepared and informed

Click here to find information on filing a claim. Please note: To log in and begin the process of submitting your claim, you must have the Government Bill of Lading (GBL) number for your shipment as well as your Electronic Transportation Acquisition (ETA)

Military FAQs

Where can I get important information about my international military move?
When a military member processes out of their origin base they are given an “It’s Your Move” pamphlet. This informative handbook tells you everything you need to know to make your move the best it can be.
I am at my destination and would like my shipment to be delivered, whom do I contact?
You will want to contact your Transportation Office (Inbound Traffic) to make final delivery arrangements once you have obtained housing. Please call them and give them your delivery address, as well as any directions, or accessorial information they may need (i.e. Is there a long distance between the front of your residence where the truck would park and your front door? Is there ample room to safely park a tractor-trailer unit?)
Why did the moving company give me so many days to pack and load my shipment?
Couldn’t they have been here for one full day rather than two or three half days?
Your shipment is assigned a certain number of days to pack and load based upon the total estimated weight. Due to scheduling conflicts, the mover is not always available when the packers are finished packing. This sometimes leads to delays of one or more days. Moving in the off-season will lessen the likelihood that you will have to wait for such services.
What if my shipment is late?
Your shipment must be past its RDD, or Required Delivery Date, and must be late due to Carrier liability in order to qualify for a delay claim. A delay claim (or Inconvenience Claim) is only paid for items actually presented with a receipt and only for items deemed necessities. Please contact Cartwright at militaryclaims@cartwrightinternational.com to discuss.
What if I experience damage?
In the event that your possessions get damaged during transport, you must retain all items and packing materials that you are claiming. Please see instructions on our website or email us at militaryclaims@cartwrightinternational.com for more information.