For questions about your military move, contact us at (855) 227-8645.

Please note that for service members, all information regarding your relocation has been sent to the email address we have for you on file. If you are the spouse or partner of the transferee, please note that our communication is with the service member unless you designate yourself as the point-of-contact. Please call our Member Services department with any questions should you be unable to locate emails or voice messages from your relocation advisor related to your move. 


→ Please do not send requests for quotes to the main Cartwright email address. Cartwright International is not currently serving international COD moves aside from the destinations serviced by Compass Moving (one of our Cartwright companies), detailed below.

For COD or private moves within the United States and/or to/from Guam, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Alaska, or Hawaii, please fill out the “Request for Quote” form HERE.

→ If you are an agent moving a CORPORATE client, domestically or internationally, and would like to inquire about rates or request a quote, please email