International Moving FAQs

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How do I get started with my move?
I have received quotes from other companies for door-to-door services, but they did not include origin packing/loading or destination unloading/unpacking. Are these services included in your door-to-door rates?
Who will be performing origin services at my current residence?
Should I do any packing myself?
How long will it be until I receive my goods at destination?
I made a partial payment at origin, how can I pay my C.O.D. balance due at destination?
Will there be any additional charges not originally quoted?
What types of insurance coverage do you offer?
Should I purchase third party insurance?
In the unlikely event there are some damages to my property, how do I file a claim?
How can I track my move?
Are there items that I cannot move?
This is my first International relocation. How will my belongings be packed?
How will my shipment be loaded?
I have some items that I am especially concerned about moving. How can I prepare them for the move?
Do my appliances need special attention?
Can I move my houseplants or food?
What about my pets?
I may need temporary storage. Is there anything I should know if my shipment is going into storage?
How do I prepare my computer, TV, DVD player, stereos and other entertainment equipment for the move?

Auto Moving & Vehicle Shipping FAQs

How far in advance should I schedule the transport of my vehicle?
What forms of payment are accepted?
What is an oversize fee?
How do I prepare my vehicle?
Can I put things in the trunk?
Can you guarantee a pick-up and delivery date?
How much will it cost to ship my car?
How do I know if my car is insured?
How do I find out when my car will arrive?
When and how do I pay?
What documentation will I need?
Why do I need the Original Inspection Report?